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In stock - 🫧Tamburins Disinfecting Hand Gel [000] - 30ml

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Contains 64% of essence and centella asiatica extract, which can disinfect hands while also hydrating them. No need to wash with water anytime and anywhere, it is also convenient and quick to keep your hands clean. You don’t have to worry about your hands drying out after applying it, as it can be disinfected and moisturized at the same time. Especially during the current epidemic, you still need to pay attention to hygiene. Carry a small bottle with you to keep it clean at all times.


Sandalwood, patchouli, clay scent

This is their classic scent, and the perfume also has this scent. The smell of wood and sandalwood is very strong and you can smell it as soon as you open the lid.

The moment you apply it, the refreshing scent of bergamot brushes against your nose, followed by patchouli, which is reminiscent of slightly wet mud after the rain, and the calm and deep sandalwood, which is like embracing a freshly picked wild flower in your arms. When you are inside, you can feel the vitality of the earth, and after you wipe it off, you will feel a rich and reassuring feeling. It is also the classic main fragrance of TAMBURINS , a deep neutral fragrance. A very strong sandalwood fragrance, a rather extreme smell, those who like it will definitely love it!