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In stock - 🫧Tamburins Disinfecting Hand Gel [FEY9] - 30ml

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Contains 64% of essence and centella asiatica extract, which can disinfect hands while also hydrating them. No need to wash with water anytime and anywhere, it is also convenient and quick to keep your hands clean. You don’t have to worry about your hands drying out after applying it, as it can be disinfected and moisturized at the same time. Especially during the current epidemic, you still need to pay attention to hygiene. Carry a small bottle with you to keep it clean at all times.


fig tree l ambrette seed l bittersweet

Figs have a unique and subtle aroma. Figs that bloom in the fruit have a unique and subtle aroma. The combination of the bitterness of the leaves and the sweetness of the pulp reminds you of the layered fragrance. The ambrette seeds and amber bring a gentle and heavy feeling. The combination of figs, ambrella seeds and amber has a very gentle and light fragrance. The light fruity fragrance is like a refreshing autumn, which makes people feel Get lost in the fragrance's lingering charm. If you don't like strong aroma, you can try this one.