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Pre-order - 🛏️Tamburins Room Spray [Mum Bud] - 90ml

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Mum Bud

Citron | Chrysanthemum | Musk

Top notes: grapefruit, frankincense oil

Middle notes: chrysanthemum, rosemary, black currant

Base: Musk, Vetiver

Inspired by the chrysanthemum blooming quietly in the late autumn chill, the fragrance begins with the sweet aroma of grapefruit and the sharpness of the mysterious frankincense tree. The freshness of morning dew is injected into the flower buds, blending with the fresh green fragrance, filling the space with the fragrance of flowers. Warm musk then meets the gentle earthiness of vetiver to create a long-lasting scent that's warm and comforting.