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🙏🏻魔法蠟燭代點服務 Candle Burning Services


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如果您缺乏信心或唔知道如何點燃蠟燭,我哋可以幫到你😉。 我們可以為任何意圖/Hoodoo蠟燭提供蠟燭燃燒服務,購買任何意圖/Hoodoo蠟燭可+$120加購服務。所有的蠟燭都會用草藥和魔法油來裝飾。你的蠟燭會在我的祭壇上燃燒,請提供你的願望,然後會把它放在蠟燭下面

我們將在蠟燭燃燒後不會提供分析和不會提供燃燒過程中的即時數據。 對於大蠟燭,我們可能會分開幾天來燃燒。蠟燭儀式後我們將提供溫馨提醒。如有任何疑問可以先於我們溝通😊

If you lack confidence or don’t know how to light a candle, we can help you 😉. Purchase any intention/hoodoo Candles, +$120 for Add-on Service. All candles are dressed with magic oils and herbs. Your candle will burn on my altars. Please provide your wish which will then be placed under the candle as it burns.

We will NOT provide brief analysis after the candle is burned and real-time data during the burning. For large candles, we may separated to few days to burn.  We will provide warm reminder after candle ritual. Feel free to ask us any thing before doing the ritual.😊