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Cosma Visions Oracle - Second Edition

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🌟 In addition to the blue Prisma tarot card, there is this green oracle card.rarely seen Oracle cards have so many cards that, like tarot cards, they can all be combined into a picture.Really a very worthwhile oracle card

🌿This pair fully expresses the author's gratitude for life. Looking closely, the card box and the card back are all geometric patterns of the flower of life. They are also green backgrounds, prosperous and joy of life.This deck is designed by the author to decompress and soothe the soul. Compared with the previous editions of Tarot by the author, this deck has more changes, more creativity, stronger artistic atmosphere, stronger healing, bright and cheerful color style Some, and for the fortune-tellers, there is also a lot of room for imagination.

▶️ 79 cards, about 100 pages of original English manual