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Medieval Cat Tarot

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🐈 Feline glory is celebrated in renaissance style!This gorgeous tarot card aims to bridge the gap between past and present by blending classical and modern ideologies and artistic styles.The result is an aristocrat with a humorous twist Tarot 。 Includes 48-page instruction manual. Medieval Cat Tarot combines rich esoteric symbolism with truly wonderful artistic styling and expression.While the illustrations on the cards have a clear theme, this isn't just a collector's deck.The meaning of each card is presented in a visceral but simple way for anyone to appreciate and understand.

🎭 One only needs to seek identification with the players in the drama performed on each card.The characters on each card are shown in actions or engaging actions and situations that describe the card's truest meaning as it is understood in a more general way, based on the Golden Dawn symbolism as interpreted by A.E. Waite. —— Lawrence Teng Teng Lives in Richmond, BC.Canada's coastal area close to Vancouver.He reads tarot cards as a hobby, preferring to use a modified Celtic cross as a layout.