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🧙🏻‍♀️Aunt Jacki's Hoodoo Uncrossing Candle 轉換能量蠟燭

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Uncrossing 蠟燭不僅僅是一個光源,它還是轉化的催化劑,是一種溫和而有效的方法,可以清除負能量、有毒的思維模式和可能耗盡您活力的精神碎片。


- 消除負面情緒

- 能量淨化

- 精神更新

- 消除負面情緒

- 保護

祝福語 Blessing:

Mistakes, mayhem and my own bad mouth

Have created this mess and sent my luck south.

I clear this cross, this jinx, this curse.

Unbind my energy, my luck will reverse

I am uncrossed, cleansed and blessed

This struggle today I put to rest.


🕯️燃燒時間: 約40小時