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[Pre-Order] Dreamy Moons Tarot🌙

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As soon as this deck of cards came out, everyone swarmed up🐝, the border of the whole card was full of bronzing decorations, very gorgeous✨. In terms of color matching, the sharp colors are used to form a strong contrast with the black background. If you want to order, hurry up, the quantity is very limited‼ ️ If you place a Pre- Order order, you will be out of stock, and you will have to wait for him to publish it😢


💻 For order FPS/ Bank count   can enjoy - discount

📣Now there is an early bird discount: Pre-Order 5@1 (Original Price 0), ends June 30, 2022✨

🔥The author will ship on July 20-30, Expected to arrive in Hong Kong in mid to late August


🌙Dreamy Moons Tarot comes from a place full of true love and divine inspiration. Inspired by the Rider-Waite Tarot, Dreamy Moons Tarot contains many traditional symbolisms with celestial twists.

This magical deck consists of 80 cards decorated with gold leaf in four suits: cup, wand, crystal and star; and major arcanas. Paired with a 100-page detailed guide, this fantastic deck invites you to dive into your subconscious mind, explore your own magic, and connect with the universe inside and outside of you.

It's an incredibly spiritual, fun, and fulfilling journey that brings this deck to life. May it be an important part of your rituals and bring you wisdom and healing.