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Fantôme Tarot Deck

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Fantôme Tarot is a complete set of playing cards. As a tool for spiritual guidance, it enables you to receive tarot readings to connect with your inner wisdom. The name itself pays homage to the guiding hand of the tarot cards and your inner spirit within the cards. This design is the culmination of my love for geometry, mysticism and traditional Brutalist artwork, all fused with the storytelling of the Tarot.

Fantôme’s design was inspired by Brutalist architecture – a style that was the spirit of the “social utopianism” of the last century. This style is generally characterized by rough surfaces, unusual shapes, straight lines and small openings. The night atmosphere and light icons symbolize how tarot cards help us find direction in our darkest moments. Its 78-card imagery is based on the classic Rider-Waite-Smith tarot deck, but reinterpreted through modern geometric designs.

The world's first multi-dimensional guide
In addition to the printed guide, the deck also comes with a special multi-dimensional guide for the AR App. This app will help beginners learn more about tarot and how to practice tarot. It will also provide interesting content for more advanced readers. A printed version of the guide will also be included.

The Guide app will let you learn more about tarot cards and personal tarot card meanings. The app will also help you check out other content - from popular card spreads to hidden design gems. The technology behind it is based on augmented reality, providing a one-of-a-kind experience.