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[Pre-Order] Lucid Dreams' Beginners Tarot Deck • Ed. III •🌟

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Everyone should have seen this deck of tarot cards. He is very suitable for beginners. Every card has its keywords, even inversion, so it is really suitable for beginners.The point is that each of his cards is full of immortality 🌟 No one doesn't like it~ The patterns are not too far from the traditional tarot cards.

🔮We invite you to take your first steps in learning and exploring the magic of tarot with our beautiful beginner decks. This tool was created for star-studded beginners and souls who are just starting out in the field of occultism and occultism. Our easy-to-use decks help you learn tarot cards, use your intuition and build confidence through card reading.

✡️Aether Artwork are all 78 original cards in the traditional Rider-Waite Tarot PLUS, each card details astrology symbols, zodiac signs, element keys and keywords for upright and reverse positions.