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[Pre-Order] Lunalapin Rabbit Tarot - (Sliver Edge/ 100 Tarot & Oracle)

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Common cards- Sliver Edge / 100 Tarot & Oracle - Sliver Edge (Limited Edition)

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The painting style of the card is relatively healing, and the design and color matching of the picture are also very warm. The content is basically a variation of the characters on the original Werther, with the protagonist replaced by various rabbits. The appearance, expression, and eyes of the rabbits of each different character are different. You can see the personality traits of rabbits to some extent from their eyes. For example, there is a clear contrast between the eyes of the priestess and the queen of rabbits. Therefore, it is very suitable for people who have just learned the basics of Werther and want to try to use it flexibly (maybe there will be additional gains when interpreting). The symmetrical three running rabbits on the back of the card are closely surrounded by the symbols of the twelve constellations, as if they are telling the story of reincarnation.

Each card is very hard and thick, with glue and a slightly frosted film on the surface, so it may be a bit astringent when pushing the cards. The card box is very good, very hard, and very detailed. There are rabbit elements everywhere, and the black and blue color scheme is very mysterious.

🐇100 Tarot & Oracle Card

With the addition of 22 Oracle Cards, the tarot cards are the same as the regular version, but the pattern on the back is different. If you want to buy it, I recommend the 100-card version~