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[Pre-Order] Obscuro Tarot Deck

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🌟Deadline March 1, 2024

The author expects to start shipping in August 2024

There is only 1 edition, and the author will not publish it again.

These cards are inspired by the Waite Tarot deck and measure 2.6 x 4.72 inches. They are printed on FSC certified environmentally friendly 300gsm paperboard and covered with matte soft touch laminate. Each card's name and number are highlighted in gold foil. The set also includes a PDF booklet with the name and brief description of each card. In addition to this deck, a book (add-on) will be released containing the story of each card to provide a deeper understanding of the interpretation and world of Obscuro.

At one unique moment, when the stars align into mysterious patterns, a world of magic and puzzles decides to reveal itself. It chose me, a humble keeper of secrets, to be the conduit for its design. Therefore, the "Obscuro" tarot card was born - a key to the unknown world and a mirror that reflects the depths of our consciousness.

Each card in "Obscuro" tells a story. Witches, magicians and mythical creatures that have been hiding in the shadows for hundreds of years have finally decided to show up. They entrust me with their images and stories so that I can bring them to life on the cards. These entities are not just characters; they are characters. They are spiritual guides, ready to guide you on your path of self-discovery and enlightenment.

Creating each card of "Obscuro" is a journey into unknown corners of my imagination and soul. I blend vintage elements with modern visual techniques to make each card a bridge between the past, present and future. Thus, "Obscuro" becomes a unique deck in which each card is a doorway to a world of mystery and knowledge.

Join us on this amazing journey with the "Obscuro" deck. Together we will uncover the secrets of the depths of your consciousness and the world around you. Let "Obscuro" be your compass to explore the unknown and wonderful world.

For the author, creating "Obscuro" is more than just the process of making tarot cards. This is my spiritual journey, a path of self-discovery and exploration of the invisible threads that connect us to the universe. I invite you to join me on the amazing journey of "Obscuro", where each card opens new horizons of understanding and inspires us to find answers in ourselves and around us.

It is very important for authors to use various techniques when creating decks. Applying techniques from the past (cyanotype), present (graphics and collage) and future (digital illustration, photomontage) can create vivid images as if captured through a camera obscura. In her view, the handcrafting of tarot cards is also a key stage for each card to acquire its own magic.