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Soprafino Tarot

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Created in Milan in 1835 by the sculptor Carlo Dellarocca for the printer Ferdinando Gumppenberg . A beautiful deck of 78 cards, refined and elegant, specially created for the elite of Milan in 1800. There are 2,000 pairs in total.
A total of 79 cards, including 78 tarot cards + 1 handwritten numbered certificate

This brand is a replica of the original Soprafino Tarot from 1835.

"Il Meneghello Edizioni" was born from the idea of ​​Osvaldo Menegazzi, who founded the publishing house in 1974, with the aim of publishing it like the original and making it available to the audience in limited and numbered editions, including old playing cards and tarot cards. For 45 years, Il Meneghello has realized hundreds of decks of cards, combining tradition with innovation: for example, for the first time in the world the playing cards of Visconti Brambilla from the 15th century were presented and recreated Katsushika Hokusai Tarot.

Everything is strictly handmade and made in Italy.