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The City of Dreams Oracle Deck

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🌃The author of Midnight City Tarot grandly launches The City of Dreams Oracle Deck!🎉

The Story:

The City of Dreams Oracle Deck is a sweet and supportive collection of hand-drawn pastel scenes from New York City. This deck is a love of support and encouragement for those who dream of big moves, new beginnings, and realize the endless possibilities. The City of Dreams Oracle Deck is all about following your heart and listening to the messages your intuition, angels and guides send you through the everyday metaphors of city life. The accompanying guidebook helps tell the story and supports you on your journey to realize your dreams. ❤️

New York City is a great place to get mentored. They can draw your attention to any one of a seemingly endless array of scenes and symbols, giving you the information you need to support the moment you realize your dreams.

The Art:

The color palette of this deck is soft: pink, purple, blue, green, telling the softness and dreaminess of the story behind it. Subtle electric yellow, bright blue and turquoise highlights highlight important icons. Color grading is related to Oracle itself 🌃Compliments for Midnight City Tarot . The intention is that these platforms can work together or individually.

Compliment the message, layering, and construction. Using tarot and Oracle decks together can pinpoint messages and reveal deeper themes. For added magic, the cards will have a holographic foil edge that matches Oracle's color palette and wraps each borderless image in a gorgeous holographic silver foil ring.