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The Destiny Tarot Deck

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The design of the Destiny Deck is a response to traditional tarot decks. The art of reading tarot cards can be very intimidating and requires years and years of practice. This deck allows you to use the symbolism and graphics on the cards, as well as your intuition, to provide a clear and detailed reading for yourself or anyone else.

The author treats each card as its own design, taking the opportunity to create 78 + 2 bonus cards with different artworks. A simple and beautiful tarot deck is created through key meanings, astrological connections, and common threads related to one of the 4 elements associated with each card. Each piece of art has a sun in the center and moon phases at the top. Text and background details and edges will be gold foiled. The cards are thick, have a sensual and velvety texture and feel great to hold... The back of the card design is a soft rose and pink smoke color. Filled with femininity and love, this card is sure to become a core part of you, whether it's your first deck or part of your collection.

The Destiny Deck features…
– 78 Cards + 2 Bonus Cards
– Highest Quality Gold Foil
– Heavy Weight Card Stock
– Sensual Soft Texture
– Custom 2-Part Box