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The Spheres of Heaven Tarot

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Go beyond the well-traveled path of Rider-Waite-Smith conventions and enter the world of Sefirot Tarot, where history, esoteric storytelling, Jewish Kabbalah, and the Masai Tarot tradition combine to create a powerful tool for intuition, reflection, and growth.

Since ancient times, the mysterious island of Dioscoria has been a haven for mystics, misfits, rebels and outcasts. But long before the founding of this magical nation, the Sefirot Tarot (rumored to have originated in the ancient temples of Thoth and Hecate) was already a popular game, used for reflection and meditation, and a divination tool.

The deck draws on the history of tarot - from Rider-Waite-Smith and Marseilles, to Jewish Kabbalah and esoteric lore - to explore the deeper roots of archetypes and symbolism, and the tarot as a game, Powerful divination tool for many uses and meditation aid.

The mysterious fantasy world of Dioscoria and Art Nouveau/Comics style art breathe life into the familiar Major Arcana imagery and court cards, while the Minor Arcana provides a simplified and elegant contrast to the pip style.