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Tarot for all Ages

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Tarot For All Ages was one of the first tarot cards aimed at younger audiences.
Tarot for All Ages contains 78 cards that serve as fully functional tarot cards, as well as a booklet explaining the spiritual and intuitive power of the cards to aid you in your own reading.
Tarot isn't just for adults!

Tarot cards have had many uses throughout history, including in card games, but today they are mostly used to find answers to questions, often for divine guidance or inspiration.Readers of all experience levels can experience the answers the cards give in an uncanny way, revealing what is hidden but identifiable in a situation or thought process.That's what the Major (22) and Minor (56) Arcana cards are all about, revealing "secrets" buried deep in the realm of consciousness and experience.

unique : This tarot deck is perfect for young or beginner reading tarot cards. 
beautifully designed : 78 inspiring illustrated cards and prickly summary booklets.
fun and colorful : Feast your eyes on the intricate details and designs of each card. Kid-friendly illustrations by Elizabeth Haidle, Creative Director of Illustoria Magazine.
highest quality : Includes a full-color booklet (with spine), explanation cards and simple instructions for beginners to create their own reading material
Gift : If you're looking for the perfect gift for beginners or a curious young audience, Tarot for all ages is the ultimate gift for birthdays, Christmas and tarot lovers!