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The Seed And Sickle Oracle

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🌱 The cycle of sowing and harvesting is the cycle we see reflected around us every day...when there is productivity, and there is time for rest. The Seed and Sickle Oracle aims to encourage reflection on both. Each card has two meanings; one for when moving forward is important, and one for helping to cultivate your own well-being. Whether you're planting the seeds for your next big project or reaping the rewards of a break, The Seed and Sickle will accompany you on the journey. The first oracle deck by Fez Inkwright, creator of the illustrated folklore books Folk Magic and Healing and Botanical Curses and Poisons.

🌅 In The Seed and Sickle deck, each card can be read in two ways; Dawn and Dusk, with advice for every reader, whether you’re actively working toward your goals or focusing on your mental health.

🌄 If you're starting a new project, building a new relationship or focusing on revitalizing yourself, the Dawn Handbook is perfect. If you're looking for guidance on how to best take care of your body and mind, open the Dusk booklet for a more comprehensive reading.