🌞你們有什麼付款方式? What payment method do you accept?
Credit/Debit Cards, FPS, PayMe or Direct Bank Deposit.
🌞 我用FPS/銀行過數/Payme,我如何上載證明? If I use  FPS/ Bank Deposit/ Payme, how can I upload my payment receipt?

只要到右下角"Info/ Whatsapp",點擊Whatsapp icon上載圖片就可以了

Just click "Info/ Whatsapp" at down right corner, there is a Whatsapp icon, you can upload it through Whatsapp. 

🌞 付款後,什麼時候會收到商品? When will I receive my package after I paid?


It takes 1-2 days if the deck is in stock. 15-18 working days are required for the pre-order deck. As you know the shipment is quite slow due to global pandemic. Once the package is shipped, it takes 2-3 days to deliver.



🌞你們用邊間物流公司? Which logistic you use?


We use SF Express😊


🌞 如何追蹤我的包裹? How can I track my package?

你可以到右下角"Order Track"輸入你的訂單號(with #) + Email就可
You can find "Order Track" at down right corner. Just type you order number (with #) + your Email. Also, the tracking number will Email to you once the package is shipped, you can pick up your package when you receive SMS.


🌞 貨品能國際運送嗎?Can you ship International? 

 唔好意思! 我們沒有寄國際的服務


I'm sorry, we didn't offer international shipment. We are temporarily able to ship to Hong Kong,Macau and Tai Wan only. But services may be added in the future~



🌞如果沒找到自己心儀的卡牌也可以預訂嗎? I can't find the deck I like, can I still pre-order it?

 可以的😊,你可以到Instagram 或右下角的Whatsapp找到我,再說明你想要那一副哦~

Ofcause😊, you can find me on Instagram or Whatsapp me at down right corner and tell me which deck you would like to order~



Still have a question?
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